We are pleased to invite you to participate of the Preparatory Seminar for the Workshop on Economic and Social Rights that will take place next March in Buenos Aires.
The goal of the preparatory seminar is to read, analyze and debate the relevant available material regarding Economic and Social Human Rights so that students have proper tools to partake of the Workshop in March.
This activity is of an intensive nature, which is why there are many texts, all in english, to be read for each session. There will be no lecture from a teacher. Instead each session will be entirely devoted to the discussion of the material that it is assumed that the participants are already familiar with.
Dr. Julio Montero (UBA/CONICET) and Dr. Mariano Garreta Leclercq (UBA/CONICET) will be in charge of the coordination of the seminar.
Sessions of the Seminar will take place at Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Buenos Aires, on December 6, 13, 16 y 20 in the Sala Vélez Sarsfield from 17 to 19 hs, under the auspice of the Centro de Derechos Humanos (CDH).
Signing up is required at which post you will receive the material for the Seminar. To sign up, write to: Limited spaces: up to 50 attendees.
Both the Preparatory Seminar and the Workshop to be held in march fall within the scope of a project for the construction of a political fhilosophy network between University College London (Reino Unido), the Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas de la UNAM (México) and the Centro de Investigaciones Filosóficas (Argentina). The focus of this network is to issues related to the realization of the clause on progressive development according to available resources of economic and social human rights and their implementation judicially-wise.
In the following link you can find the list of texts for the Seminar:
Seminario Preparatorio